Not Fair!

Think of a time when you were treated unfairly. If you recall a lot of such incidents, select the most intense one. If you feel that you were never treated unfairly, you are in a state of denial. Reach back further into your childhood and find something bad that happened to you. Answer the following […]


Barnga is an engaging, hands-on card game designed to highlight the complexities of cross-cultural communication and the assumptions we often make. Created by Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, this simulation game is a powerful tool for helping students understand the challenges of communicating across different cultural norms. Introduction and Setup (0:00-0:05): Start by introducing the game to […]

Manual for developing intercultural competences – Darla K. Deardorff

A book to get an overview of the fundamental concepts related to intercultural competence. It also presents a methodology, which UNESCO has tested around the world, in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal. It can serve as a reference for effectively managing cultural diversity in an inclusive and sustainable way. This book is […]

Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher – Stephen D. Brookfield

In this book the author self-criticizes his role as a teacher in order to propose new ways of understanding education, teaching dynamics and diverse classrooms. For educators, school administrators, educational leaders, and anyone interested in promoting equity in schools.

Developing Inclusive Schools :Pathways to Success – Mel Ainscow

The book is a comprehensive look at how to develop inclusive schools for all students. It explores topics such as teacher collaboration, student engagement, curriculum adaptation, and inclusive assessment. This book is intended for educators, special education professionals, and anyone interested in promoting inclusion in schools.

Reconstructing DEI: A Practitioner’s Workbook – Lily Zheng

It is a workbook that provides more than 30 tools and exercises that will help you in the creation of inclusive organization and achieve longer lasting DEI results. This book is for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professionals, business leaders, human resource managers, and anyone involved in DEI initiatives in organizations.

52 activities for exploring values differences – Donna M. Stringer y Patricia A. Cassiday

A book with exercises for understanding and how to enhance diversity in different settings: the workplace, the classroom, corporate diversity training, international team development workshops, conflict management, and others. This book is for educators, trainers, group facilitators, team leaders and anyone seeking to explore and understand value differences in diverse settings.