Webinar diversiteit & inclusie in het personeelsbestand

Subject: EN: Where do you start if you want to make inclusive employment and diversity and inclusion more hands-on in school? On 12 October 2023, Voion organised a webinar with Teacher of the Year 2019 Lucelle Comvalius, researcher Teuntje Vosters, HR advisor Erik van den Berg and teacher Fatma Yilmazel – Demiral. In this webinar, they […]

Inclusivity in education

Subject: Does the curriculum meet the needs of children with disabilities and how about the readiness of teachers to implement related programs effectively? It’s important to keep education for children with special needs inside the classroom, because inclusion means that these children feel like they are part of the same group. Podcast is in English.

Is that necessary, all this focus on diversity?

Cordula Rooijendijk

By Cordula Rooijendijk ‘Can’t we just trust our professionalism? Is it really necessary to pay extra attention to diversity?’ A headmaster asks me during a lecture I am giving on my latest book, ’15 lessons that primary schools of colour teach us.’ ‘Yes,’ her colleague adds, ‘for me, on the contrary, everyone is equal. I […]