Common Vocabulary

School Leaders & Administrators, Teaching Staff

30 Mins

Clarify and ensure a common understanding of the key Diversity and Inclusion terms among participants.

Engage participants in reflecting on their own views and interpretations of these terms.

Promote a standardised vocabulary in discussions about Diversity and Inclusion within their respective environments.

Discussion, Reflection

Group Discussion, Interactive Review, Feedback Session

enhance their understanding of Diversity and Inclusion concepts

establishment of a common vocabulary that can be utilised in their respective institutions to discuss and address Diversity and Inclusion more effectively

gain insights into the diversity of interpretations and the importance of clear communication in multicultural and diverse environments

Common Vocabulary

This activity consists of reviewing the main terms and concepts regarding Diversity and Inclusion.

Facilitator’s guidelines: Divide the participants into two or three groups and provide copies of the List to each of them. It could help to give an example first, by reading out loud several definitions and offering personal views on the one you may think is most commonly accepted.

Ask participants to read the terms and concepts and comment on which of those definitions they think  fit best with their own understanding or interpretation of the word.

Debrief/Discussion Questions: Do you think these definitions are accurate? Would you change any? Would you include/exclude more terms in this list?

Website: One hundred words for equality – Publications Office of the EU (

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