Blobs and Lines

School Leaders & Administrators, Teaching Staff

10 Mins

Foster communication, self-awareness, and group awareness among participants.
Encourage participants to reflect on personal experiences and perspectives related to work, education, and diversity.

Observation, Sharing/Discussion

Physical Movement, Facilitated Discussion

Enhance their communication and understanding within the group, as they and other participants express and observe diverse experiences and viewpoints.

increased their empathy, as they explore and discuss their positions on various topics related to work and education.

gain insights about group dynamics and individual perspectives that may guide future interactions and strategies in professional or educational settings.

Blobs and Lines

Participants engage in a series of prompts requiring them to physically position themselves in relation to others based on personal experiences or viewpoints. This could involve lining up in order of years of experience or grouping into “blobs” based on opinions. The activity supports creating environments where diversity is acknowledged and appreciated, which is a fundamental aspect of fostering diverse and inclusive school environments.

Choose a spacious area and think carefully about the prompts to ensure they are inclusive and considerate of all participants.

Try these prompts:

-Line up based on least to most years of experience in a school/educational setting.

-Gather in blobs based on: those who consider diversity/inclusivity in schools/education settings a challenging topic, those who consider it a medium-impact topic, and those who consider it an easy topic.

– Gather in blobs based on: those who are currently very stressed with their working environment, those who are somewhat stressed, and those who are not stressed at all.

Clearly explain the purpose of the activity and how participants should position themselves in response to each prompt. Emphasise that there are no right or wrong answers, encouraging honesty and openness.

Debrief: Encourage participants to share how the activity impacted their understanding of themselves and others. Discuss any surprises or new insights gained, and how these understandings could affect their approach to work and interactions with others.

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