Teaching Staff

30 minutes

Increase Intercultural Competence,
Raise awareness of Diversity and Inclusion,
Understand the importance and relevance of Diversity and Inclusion,

Discussion, Reflection

Cards, Group work, Reflection

Develop an increased awareness and sensitivity towards diverse cultures,
Enhance their critical thinking and decision-making skills,
Develop effective communication and interpersonal skills,
Engage in reflective learning and personal growth,
Gain a more inclusive and empathetic worldview.


This activity is specifically designed to enhance participants’ ability to interact effectively and respectfully with people from different cultures. It focuses on building awareness of cultural differences, fostering critical thinking in cross-cultural contexts, enhancing communication skills across cultural boundaries, and encouraging reflective learning about one’s own cultural assumptions and behaviours.

This activity follows a quizz typology and is best done in groups of 3-8..It consists of answering the questions posed by the diversophy cards. These cards will provide them with interesting inputs through which they would need to reflect. It is a learning activity which can be done as part of teacher/staff training or could be done in a classroom setting with students.

For this activity the diversophy cards are needed. These cards are a collection of factoids, critical choices, risks, wisdom and reflective questions. The cards could be developed by the facilitator and printed out in advance. An example is provided in the Background reading section

It could be done using a PPT. In this case, each slide represent a card with the question and the following answer.

If there are more than 8 participants, consider the possibility of splitting into two or more groups. Each group plays separately

Each card has a color, which reflect the type of challenge. DiveriSMART reflect on factual knowledge about culture, DiversiCHOICE cards ask to chose appropriate behaviour in a certain cultural setting. DiversiRISK cards subject us to surprise happening in an unfamiliar context, DiversiGUIDE cards give us wisdom from a culture itself, DiversiSHARE cards ask to compare cultures and approaches in everyday situations.

The answers are kept by the facilitator and provided to the participants once they have answered/ reflected.

All participants draw a card. They proceed to play in alphabetical order. When its someone’s turn, that person should read the card aloud and chose the best answer or follow the instructions, depending on the card. Participants may share then their opinions. Once they are ready, they see the answer and move to the next question.

  • What is the most relevant thing you learn?
  • Did the cards helped you to reflect about the topic?
  • Do you find it useful?


Website: diversophy Cards Example: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFqStQcLYw/1bsXOCLN8qwQsabNaeGBag/edit

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