Not Fair!

Teaching Staff

20 Minutes

  • Sensitize participants to perceptions of fairness and equity.
  • To encourage discussions on how fair decisions are made in different contexts.
  • To explore participants’ emotions and reactions to situations perceived as unfair.

Group discussions Reflection of the experiences and insights. Evaluations and how they will apply these concepts in their own lives.

Role-play: Participants assume different roles and situations involving unfair decisions. Guided discussion: After the game, a discussion is facilitated to reflect on participants' experiences and perceptions. Individual and group reflection: Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and share them with the group.

  • Learn to identify and address unjust situations in their own environments.
  • Improve their communication and discussion skills on sensitive issues related to equity and justice.
  • Increase their empathy and understanding for the experiences and perspectives of others.

Not Fair!

  1. Think of a time when you were treated unfairly.
  2. If you recall a lot of such incidents, select the most intense one. If you feel that you were never treated unfairly, you are in a state of denial. Reach back further into your childhood and find something bad that happened to you.
  3. Answer the following questions, focusing on your feelings. Don’t be mature and understanding. Avoid intellectual analyses. Return to the time and the place. Relive the experience. Visualize exactly how you felt. Pretend it is happening to you right now.

How do you feel? Sad? Obsessed? Anxious? Agitated? Disorganized? Miserable? Lost?

How do you feel physically? Tense? Stressed out? Aching? Clenching your teeth? Shallow breathing? Sweating? Crying? A knot in your stomach? Exhausted? Sleepless? Lost your appetite? Tearful? Heavy?

How do you feel about yourself? Damaged? Helpless? Hating your life? Hateful? Hoping to die? Self-critical? Worthless? Empty? Like a failure? Sick? Guilty?

How do you feel about others? Abandoned? Alone? Exploited? Singled out? Friendless? Paranoid? Betrayed?

  1. Hold on to these feelings for some more time.
  2. Now think about this question: How would you feel if this type of unfair incident happened to you every day of your life?

This, my friend, is an experiential definition of discrimination.

  1. Take a deep breath. Let go of the feelings. Return to the present. Relax.

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