Training Programme

The Leadership for Diversity Training Programme will be divided into two modules:

1. Educational Leadership

This module will bring both, a “real-world” environment and a dynamic component to the developed education/training. Educators will be equipped with a set of skills to develop their leadership competences, supporting educators to effectively implement the cycle of planning to enhance programms and lead to the development and implementation of educational programs. Through DBE, learners are trained to develop solutions to real-ˇlife issues using a systematic design science approach. It recognizes that solving real-ˇlife issues does not just include searching for knowledge, but involves a process that starts with empathizing (observing and understanding the problem, problem stakeholders and the problem context), defining the specific problem that will be addressed, ideating (the process of finding directions for possible solutions to the problem, using creative as well as knowledge sources), prototyping (developing initial solutions), testing, and implementing the solution. The multidisciplinary approach and the phases of design thinking
(understanding, defining, ideating, designing, applying/experimenting, evaluating, improving) tie in well with innovation, finding solutions for complex issues and creating valuable new ideas, products or services.

Educational Leadership

2. Diversity Management

This module will prepare learners how to prepare a learning unit how to manage intercultural learning and how to asses intercultural learning (Self-reflection phase). The module will lead to the consecution of strategies to manage the diversity within the schools. The strategies will cover:

1) How to allocate resources;
2) Organizational Design;
3) Portfolio management;
4) Risk management.

The training programme, uses frameworks of existing projects to develop new methods, tools and intercultural and multidisciplinary approaches to diversity management.

Diversity Management